Cloud-based Phone systems and Unified Communications

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Traditional analog PBX phone systems have typically been a [necessary] 4-5 figure investment for small businesses; cloud-based hosted PBX Voice Over I.P. (VoIP) systems have changed that via Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).  A broadband connection to the Internet (Cable or Fiber) with at least 75mbps up/download is all that’s needed to have businesses class cloud-based phone system for any company in the US or Canada with 1-125 employees per location, for a low, predictable monthly fee. Connect from anywhere you have broadband; there’s a mobile app too that routes calls to/from smartphones. The providers we rep offer systems that are:

  • Established, simple, reliable, location agnostic, scalable on demand for businesses with 1-125 employees per location.  Choose from voice over Business Class or Public Internet connections.
  • Desktop phones can be drop shipped within a week of purchase ready to use from $99.
  • Subscription rates (including fees and taxes) average $40/mo per seat for a two to three year subscription vs longer contracts for traditional analog PBX.
  • Add features such as virtual fax, metered line, bridge line, toll free #, virtual mailbox or call queue.
  • SIP technology enables calls to seamlessly integrate with cell phones.
  • Unlimited local and long-distance calling or metered billing lower/contains telephony costs. Make unlimited calls within the US & Canada
  • Remote-assist installation with your IT administrator.
  • RiSe Solutions can arrange to source the voice cabling installer.
  • All messages and calling can be integrated seamlessly with MS Outlook and select CRM apps.
  • Eliminate setup, maintenance fees and tech visits.

Mobile App: Never miss a call!

Free custom app (Apple iOS or Android) integrates with each user account seamlessly whether connected via cellular or WiFi.

Unify Email with Telephony (SBE & Enterprise)

This smart software integrates email with telephony from popular in-house or hosted telephony systems. Voice and Data will flow seamlessly to you so long as you’re connected to it. Call or email us to discuss your needs.


Services to Upgrade to a Cloud-based Phone System

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Premise-based unified communications with Avaya or Cisco equipment for >125 seats per location is available through our referral partner ConvergeOne.  RiSe Solutions can arrange to source the voice cabling installer.





Referral Agent:  ConvergeOne: Avaya or Cisco PBX, Simnet, ability to serve multinational corps in discussion

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