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Technology is changing rapidly and days of complex on-prem networks, expensive up-front cost for projects, and packed on-prem server rooms are in the past.  Company staff will work remotely more often, use of hybrid computing networks are scaling, and prevalent use of cloud for short-term projects is scaling.

Any business enterprise needs competent business consulting and technical support to upgrade their computing environment to maintain a competitive advantage.  SP Tech leverages competencies of vetted referral partners to engineer a cogent [technical] solution at an attractive price that is completed and supported by the partner.  Our technical acumen serves as bridge between management and technical engineers.  SP Tech is your consultant and point of contact.

Referral partners can migrate your enterprise to a public cloud service provider, managing how its used.  It includes IaaS, PaaS, active directory, email, websites, productivity apps.  The service outsources IT needs to a competent cloud engineer that keeps total cost of subscription low.

Managed cloud services from Simnet provides a scalable IT solution designed to deliver 100% of your critical business services from their data centers. This eliminates unnecessary spending on infrastructure, guarantees service levels for all services, and empowers your users with secure access from any device, anywhere. Request a Consultation for a free assessment.  Learn details at this post.   Please fill out “Request a Consultation” form in the Consulting page of this website to schedule a call to discuss your specific needs.


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Microsoft Exchange Mail

For Email hosting

Virtual Private Datacenter

For Cloud storage or computing

Desktop as a Service (VDI)

For Virtual machine on desktop

Advantage Communications Group; Ability to serve multinational corps
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