CIO Partner

Fact: Information Technology services are necessary for business; its costs (equipment, software and staffing) slide with the scale of a business. Employers are leveraging the Internet to expand work mobility practices to expedite worker productivity while cutting fixed costs. Basic I.T. services have become commodious (i.e. outside access, network connectivity, equipment management, software licenses, device management); the list of knowledge workers and private providers for hire seems endless. Smaller enterprise-structure businesses typically work with a skeletal I.T. staff in house; private service providers are hired to fill gaps of skills on-demand or per project.

CIO Partner considers technology as tools to exchange, protect and store information; this service delivers it through leadership, staff and tools. We assure that the information exchanged within your organization (voice, paper and digital) will flow efficiently, frugally, within your budget and by current technology standards; you focus on running your business. Staff and customers will enjoy the ease of communicating with you.  Enterprises with multiple locations benefit well from CIO Partner’s service.  In exchange, we’re afforded the CIO seat in your executive suite to keep abreast of daily operations that affect how information is exchanged, protected and stored.


Reliable Network


This full-service virtual IT department serves companies with 30-3000 employees in the tristate region.  It’s run by select business partners that focus on your business size; each partner has a minimum of 20 years experience running IT networks. We can also offer technology planning, technical services and network relocation services.

Phase 1. A 12 Point Initial Assessment will identify how we will normalize your IT operations within three or so months of starting work, creating a smooth network that runs reliably; a network having more than 30 nodes will take longer to normalize.

Phase 2. A monthly maintenance and monitoring contract, customized to meet the needs of your business, is submitted for your review, comment and approval before activating.


A conference call between us will identify the status of your company’s I.T. network and mobility structure. Please contact me to schedule an exploratory conference call. Reliable Network can work well for the niches we serve.

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