Case Studies

September 2021 Replaced Broken New Local Printer

Print head of new printer would not travel, no debris inside device, reviews discouraged exchange.  Sourced new printer, installed locally, ran tests of print, scan, and fax.   All-in-one printing for network restored.

September 2021 Restored function to Domain Printer

Diagnosed problem as defective hard drive due to codes in support screen.  Purchased new SATA hard drive, formatted, installed to printer, re-imaged with USB thumb drive, set admin PW, re-configured printer to print, fax, and copy.

Summer 2021 Graduate Course Project, Cloud Management, Syracuse University, Info Systems Exec program

Presented slide show why SMB’s should consider adopting Windows 365 for desktop as a service; Microsoft launched 07/14/21.

Spring 2021 Graduate Course Project, Cloud Management, Syracuse University, Info Mgt Exec program

Conceived concept, assembled, and recruited a team to create executive report and slide-based live presentation to migrate 1K employee regional CPA firm serving northeast USA from 1HQ + 9 satellite offices into hybrid computing environment with security, VDI for remote workers, BB UEM for mobile, and cloud-based phone system.  Awarded A for course due to consistent thought-provoking class engagement, project content | presentation and quality |  performance | leadership.  (1st graduate course in cloud management.)

Spring 2021 Graduate Course Project, Managing Information Systems Projects, Syracuse University, Info Mgt Exec program

Conceived concept, assembled, and recruited a team to create project management charter, WBS, and MS Project Gantt Chart to plan to install endpoint security on desktops, laptops and mobile devices for fictitious regional CPA firm with 500 employees using Windows Server and W10 Pro, multipoint use of GPO, VMware Carbon Black, SIEM, BlackBerry UEM for mobile, and Security Awareness Training delivered via CBT with grading and telemetry of completions.  Awarded A for course due to timely engaging class participation, project content, presentation and quality, and team evaluations of performance and leadership.  (1st graduate course in IT project management.)

April 2021 Migrated Apps and Data between old to new Android Smartphones

Applied cloud-based MDM and data restoration, leveraged accounts in Google Play to migrate apps and data from old to new Android smartphones

March 2021 Setup and Provisioned Cloud-Based SIP phone

Setup and provisioned cloud-based SIP phone from Grandstream to connect with cloud-based phone system provider; 15m setup time.

Feb 2021 Restore Endpoint Connectivity of Remote Team Serving Call Center

Unexpected network outage disconnected 10 remote desktop endpoints for call center team from desktop apps during peak call time. Assessed root cause within a few minutes; directed all team members to close out of all applications via task manager, disconnect from VPN, restart machines, re-connect to VPN, re-connect to remote apps.  Production restored to 100% function within 10 minutes.

Feb 2021 Internet Connectivity for Home Office PC

Desktop PC in home office having connectivity problems to wifi signal 40′ away; weak signal.  Changed off-the-shelf wifi router for wifi extender with ethernet ports from ISP.  Powered-up wifi extender, waited for wifi connection to authenticate to master wifi broadcast, connected drop cable to desktop PC, rebooted PC.  Strength of signal restored to full strength; QA of internet connection restored for desktop PC.  Leveraged settings in OS of desktop and mobile to login to cloud.

Jan 2020 Mobile Security

Backed up data on device.  Cleaned malware from mobile device via 3 separate scan apps, patched browser, disabled browser with malware notifications, installed new browser with security attributes; no malware detected in mobile device.

December 2020 Notify Need to Reconfigure Connectivity to VPN

Identified that login credentials and configuration to VPN server was incorrect, blocking connectivity.  Notified helpdesk via supervisor to unlock login creds and re-point IP to correct VPN server.  Problem repaired.

August 2020 Data Migration for Computer Upgrade

Engineered upgrade of Intel i3 to i7 running W10H OS.  Assessed productivity and storage needs, and budget limitations to identify base build of upgrade (i.e. CPU, RAM, storage).  Sourced/acquired upgrade machine, formatted disk, created admin account, created logical partitions to optimize storage needs on new IDE HDD, patched OS, installed productivity suite; created standard user account, utilized OneDrive cloud storage to migrate folders and files from i3 device to i7 device; setup browsers for user and logged into account of bookmarks, tested upgrade device for functionality, handed to customer turnkey ready for use.

December 2019 Installed New Printers

Installed new printers to mini-tower running W10H; ran test page and printed sample document to ensure OS recognized printer and printed pages accurately.

August 2019 Network for Dental Practice

Referred to sole-practitioner dentist who had just completed geographic relocation of practice.  Held 1hr consult meeting to learn practice operations and intentions to scale practice in future.  Applied CAHIMS processes to architect new computer network with new coaxial cabling, computer and laptop to meet processing needs of practice and in operatories, flat screen monitors, computer furniture, AIO printer, switch, UPS, software ecosystem for productivity, internal security controls that included compliance with data privacy laws, cloud-based desktops, cloud file storage.  Evaluated software ecosystems and provided comparative analysis to support decision-making.  Led and managed sourcing of all equipment and vendor services through written RFP, presenting to client to support decision-making.

July 2019 Relocated Smart TV and Coaxial Cabling

Relocated SmartTV 10’ across room; choppy connectivity required changing coaxial cables.  Changed patch cable between switch boxes from demarc lead cable, drilled new ½” hole to relocate cable in lower floor from switch box to TV, tacked cable neatly along ceiling rafters to conceal, capped hole above and below with interior caulking.  Rebooted and re-configured set top box to recognize changed location.

June 2018 Laptop to PC Upgrade

4yr old aging laptop; battery not holding charge, some kb keys sticking.  Upgraded surplus business-class Dell Optiplex i3 CPU to 8GB ram, installed new 1TB WD 3.5″ IDE hard drive, imaged with W10, O365, browers, cloud storage accounts, transferred data from laptop to PC via cloud storage accts; PC setup as thin client.  Added new KB, mouse, desktop speakers, connected to Cisco 24P 10/100/1000MB unmanaged switch, electrical security via APC UPS.

April 2018 Engineer Prem-Based Network to Cloud-Assisted Hybrid

Inside sales of existing customer.  Consulted with IT admin of multi-location fashion mfg/distributor to engineer upgrade of prem-based IT network to cloud-assisted hybrid.  Sourced/managed RFP’s of desktop-as-a-service, cloud-based file storage, cloud-based file sharing and collaboration, security controls, further leverage cloud-based phone system.  End goal was to enable business to optimize staff productivity prem or mobile with smaller physical footprint of commercial space.


January 2018 Cloud-Based Phone System Sale/Install/Support, 10 seats

Multi-location small business relocated.  Determined cost-effective change from older model premise PBX to cloud-based phone system.  Leveraged Router/FW appliance to serve separate needs of phones and NW.  Saved cost of maintaining PBX system, cut carrier costs by leveraging broadband, provided flexibility of where system is used, reach desk phones in other locations through extension dialing, mobile apps offer send/receive calls from smartphone from anywhere.

January 2018 Sourced/Coordinated Replacement of Broken Laptop

Evaluated condition of laptop with broken hinge; still operating yet replacement.  Sourced business-class refurb laptop to meet computing needs and budget; had prepared , shipped and sold to customer.  Migrated data from broken device to new one via external SATA hard drive and USB connection.


Sep – Nov 2017 Information Security Analyst II – 1199 National Benefit Fund, NYC; Healthcare Payer

Hired to evaluate security stack, monitor SIEM and vulnerability scans, and contribute to shaping vulnerability mgt program.  Scope: manage and improve WAN visibility via SIEM (Symantec MSS and McAfee SIEM), vulnerability scanning (Rapid 7 Nexpose), improve incident management process via IRP in update. Assist with sourcing of tools, vendor review, PoC, procurement project, tool testing, operationalizing. Serve +/- 5K endpoints, <900 servers, with group of 7 security professionals, 1 group leader, 1 CISO.


July 2017 Converted Cable TV to Outdoor Digital Antenna and Redirected Internet connectivity

Networking architecture, installation and testing.  Setup, tested and hung outdoor digital antenna on rooftop mast.  Ran coaxial cable from antenna to basement, secured all wiring to ceiling, installed splitter to reach all TV’s in house, tested full scan of signal for each TV.  Redirected cable for Internet to all router extenders in house by installing new coaxial cable and splitters through walls of house; tested router and extenders for connectivity ensuring all devices had fully functioning Internet connectivity.

April 2017 WXP to W10

Retired minitower running WXP to laptop upgraded from W7 to W10.  Created account for browser with favorites, migrated all data to personal cloud account. Upgraded laptop to W10 with all current patches and ran security scan, fully installed sw for network printer, connected to monitor & adjusted display settings, created general user account, installed browser, logged into account, installed email app and account, installed app for cloud-based storage, tested machine for use and provided user support to transition to laptop use.


August 2016 Create Information Security Management Program for SMB

Wrote college paper on how to create an information security management program from scratch. Received grade “A”.


April 2016 Traveling Migration Specialist, Team Lead

Selected to lead team of 3 traveling technicians to perform defined business process of migrating data/re-populate approved apps via MS SoftwareCenter. Publicly-held, large-cap medical device mfg HQ environment with office, assembly and manufacturing operations.  Seamless augmentation of corporate IT dept to migrate laptops, PC’s, peripherals, populate approved applications for shop and knowledge workers. Mahwah, NJ (North Central, NJ)


January 2016 Practice Fusion EMR training; Healthcare

Assisted emerging sole Psychiatrist in Summit, NJ to learn to use Practice Fusion EHR. 1.25hrs remote training.


October 2015 Cloud-Based Phone System Sale/Install/Support, 3 seats

Switched past VoIP customer to less expensive phone system for 3 seats.  Saved $575/mo in service bills, leveraged public Internet subscription to serve bandwidth needs of phones.


February 2015 SoHO office setup

Assessment and install; 5hrs for $250 fee.

a. FiOS Quantum gateway setup and firewall configuration plus ActionTec satellite router with WiFi enabled.

b. Laptop with W8.1 OS. Setup Windows Defender for AV protection, live blocking and scheduled weekly scans. BlueCoat K9 Browser software firewall install/setup. Connected WiFi feature of AIP printer. Installed/configured X-Lite softphone to hosted provider to make/receive Ethernet or WiFi voip calls. Setup/installed labelmaker printer for bulk marketing mail.

c. Setup/configured Cisco 7940G desk SIP phone to hosted provider.

d. Large form factor Android smartphone. Connected to Quantum router and satellite router. Installed/configured Lookout firewall and mdm capability via web portal. Installed/configured BRIA softphone to hosted provider to make/receive WiFi voip calls.

October 2014 CIRT Swimchart, Call tree & Procedure Document (ask for case study file for details)

August 2014 Ransomware via Email attachment

Solved/restored desktop PC randomly victimized via email attachment (social engineering). Fix>Changed login password of user to WAN, cleansed PC and network share [subnet] with customized .DAT file for AV from two MD5 samples, restored image and data to known good state.

August 2014 Cybersecurity Incident Tracker

March 2014-January 2015, FireEye POC & Install of Multipoint Suite (ask for case study file for details)

January 2014-August 2014 Intel Security McAfee Antivirus ePO Support (ask for case study file for details)

October 2013 Sold 10 seat cloud-based phone system

Sold / facilitated 10 seat hosted, managed voip phone system for maturing fashion business in NYC. Replaced 10yr old Avaya analog PBX system for modern digital voip system with leased Private PTP T1 circuit. Coordinated purchase of pre-owned 48pt POE Cisco switch plus install of system via wiring installer with voip mfg’s install team. Overcame competitors Avaya IP office and Megapath. Garment Center, NYC.

August 2013 – January 2015 Vulnerability Management Analyst via Qualys (ask for case study file for details)

Sold / facilitated 10 seat hosted, managed voip phone system for maturing fashion business in NYC. Replaced 10yr old Avaya analog PBX system for modern digital voip system with leased Private PTP T1 circuit. Coordinated purchase of pre-owned 48pt POE Cisco switch plus install of system via wiring installer with voip mfg’s install team. Overcame competitors Avaya IP office and Megapath. Garment Center, NYC.

July 2013-January 2015 SIEM Analyst, Symantec Managed Security Service (MSS) (ask for case study file for details)

July 2013 – Jan 2015 Enterprise Cyber Security Lead/Coordinator, Pomeroy IT Solutions for PANY&NJ; Public/Private

Hired to shape SOC, Infosec Mgt program and procedures, coordinate vulnerability scanning, align software library to AUP.  Scope: Consulting project to create integrated cyber security operations for 5K+ node WAN. This autonomous yet collaborative role included creating a Cyber Security Team of two staff (CST), multi-faceted Procedure Response documents for i) Incident Response, ii) VirusScan, iii) PenTests and iv) Cyber Alerts/Notices. Projects and tasks completed via talks/meetings with section teams/heads and decision making IT directors. Communicated role’s progress verbally, in weekly meetings / reports reviewed by direct reports and section heads. Sourced/tested/faciliated procurement of CRM software to track CS issues and serve as documented knowledge base. Updated SOW document with CST function (“proof of concept”) for extension term, plus recommendations to improve ateam function. End goal is i) role keeps incident response issues processed timely by severity via section teams, ii) keeps all enterprise software current, mitigating threats, iii) coordinates the cleansing of unwanted and approving of necessary software within the enterprise, iv) improves operations of layered network defense, v) keep WAN as safe as possible to perpetuate smooth daily operations.

June 2013 Security Update technician; Healthcare Provider

Hired to assist migration of security domains connected to selected endpoints.  Scope: Migrate domain per user for network security; remained on-site temporarily to assure a seamless user experience. Renner Brown for Northwell Health.


May 2013 OS & Equip Migration WXP > W7 environment; Large Enterprise floorplate

Enterprise equipment upgrade WXP-W7, 5day project; assigned to 30 nodes. Prep/follow-up Lenovo laptops for WXP to W7 migration; assist troubleshooting migration delays. Newport Jersey City, NJ, CompuCom for Chubb Healthcare Insurance, 05/10-5/16/2013

March 2013 32Bit Data Retrieval, Dormant IDE Hard Drive

User seeked to retrieve select files from dormant 10yr old IDE hard drive. Identified WXPsp3 minitower with available molex connector and ribbon cable. Disconnected power from PC to connect IDE drive, repowered PC, drive recognized, searched dormant drive for selected data. Downloaded connection software to users FTP cloud site to minitower; migrated requested folders/files to their FTP site for handling. Approx 60mins work.


Nov 2012 – March 2013 Traveling Migration Specialist, OS & Office2010 Migration WXP to W7 environment; avg 5psn office

Enterprise equipment upgrade WXP-W7, 330 nodes/30 sites handled, avg 5psn/site, upgrade per procedure; 1.5 days/project. (UPS,PCs,USB/NW peripherals, data migration, server-cloud; troubleshoot install/migration delays, recycle returned items.), CompuCom for State Farm Insurance.


December 2012 Reactivate Dell Dimension 8400 MiniTower

Restored use within 15mins of review; was dormant 3yrs from friend. Boot sequence was not seeing HD, disconnected nonworking DVD, repointed boot sequence in CMOS setupto look for Sata HD, then working DVD drive; formatted blank HD, reinstalled WinXP SP2 from CD; installed new $7 Basic 10/100 PCI Network Card, (matching CPU and RAM capacity) to restore Internet access; on [mother] board ethernet port had stopped working.


October 2012 Re-establish Residential Broadband

Friend’s residential cable modem received strong IP signal (plus phone and TV) from carrier yet not talking through Ethernet ports of modem. Called carrier on friend’s behalf to troubleshoot including diagnostic check, viewed incoming IP via command prompt, pushed firmware upgrade from carrier; nothing worked. Swapped new modem from carrier, received firmware upgrade and arranged for field tech to review wireline next morning. Field tech checked line and replaced cable modem. All connections restored (Internet, TV, phone and WiFi).


September 2012 Android Smartphone Upgrade with laptop sync

Upgraded firmware to my refurbished Android smartphone, setup multi-location connection to WiFi, synch to gmail and social media, installed device software to PC to sync files via USB.


September 2012 Loose PC DRAM stick

Moved my Dell Tower PC, worked fine before relo, beeping and black screen at new site. Solution: checked all elec wire connections, opened case to check connections; DRAM stick slipped out of its slot, resecured DRAM, test-booted PC, all ok, works normally. 15 min troubleshoot/repair.


September 2012 Android Smartphone to WiFi and Laptop Hotspot

A friend needed to browse the web from their laptop in a summer home via cell coverage, yet limited broadband and no WiFi. Spoke to her Wireless carrier to activate mobile hotspot feature. Configured laptop WiFi to talk to phone and phone to talk to WiFi from primary home (broadband and WiFi).


August 2010 Android Smartphone sync to Google Apps

A friend found most contact numbers missing from android smartphone. Reset apps and sync features to phone via in-home WiFi connection; all contacts re-established to phone.


August 2012 Home Printer Broke/Replace

Friend could not seat new inkjet cartridge. Review found closing latch broke. Spoke to Mfg CSR for friend to arrange 20% discount for new printer, drop shipped. Installed new printer to PC, connected to network and W-Fi to all computers in house / all tests successful.


June 2012 LAN Phone Rollout, Enterprise Retail

LAN phone rollout, included reshuffle of 8′ rack of metal shelves; training document from customer. 14pcs ea per 6 big box stores, SE NJ. 3 day project, 2 locations per day.


May 2012 Traveling Rollout Technician, Pomeroy for The Home Depot

3 day project, LAN phone rollout , 14pcs ea per 6 big box stores, SE NJ. Pomeroy IT Solutions for Home Depot

2 day project, inventory nw hardware, 45 pcs ea per 2 immediate care locations, greater NY area. Pomeroy IT Solutions for Concentra Healthcare.


August 2010 Sold 15 seat Cloud-based phone system – Investor of Receivables

A two year business relationship revealed a need for a phone system, stemming from a planned office move. Two conference calls clarified customer’s needs and expectations for four offices operating from four states. Analysis of incumbent telephony guided the assembly of a cost-effective plan and equipment to leverage existing phone system with a new one; notable funds were saved, upfront and per month. ‘Planned, sourced and installed a new phone system, locally to a T1 line, remotely to DSL. System is supported on-site and remotely, 24×7. 9 nodes, 8 employees.


July 2010 Network Sale: Startup Homecare Agency, IT Infrastructure

Two thorough meetings with the [local] owner led to a solution-based sale. Identified his needs for I.T. infrastructure that we planned, designed, sourced and installed. Recommended DSL for web and hosted VOIP, upgraded Vista to W7. Installed UCS presence via Outlook, ‘shared folders and printer, CRM, MS Office, configured outlook for Gmail, guided syncing of smart phones.

April 2009 Sales of Hosted Email Account

Established yet emerging food broker in suburban Atlanta with 5 employees, 2 in separate states, wanted to migrate email from Yahoo for business. Sold hosted email management account, CTO migrated MX records to new host. Referral from local managed IT provider.